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The bond and the coupon – 1

A well-said principle bears good fruit!

This first video introduces the basics to understand what a bond is. First of all, considering who can issue them, obviously with different taxation as you can verify by...

Ordinary senior bonds – 2

When it is important to look at the distinctions about risks to preserve the capital invested.

We must make a distinction and understand how the senior bonds are very different from the subordinated bonds, so be very careful.

Subordinated bonds – 3

Attention to the level of solvency and credit risk!

We have dedicated a whole page in our Glossary with over 1200 exercises: Redooc, to subordinated bonds because often the real risk incurred when the repayment of capital...

The world of ETF – 6

Finance should not complicate your life, but complete it!

In this video, Mario and Giovanna would like to invest their investments in bonds with some ETF investments, but they are undecided about which type to choose.

Savings management companies – 7

New parameters between consultants and customers. Mifid 2 protects savers.

In this video, Mario and Giovanna continue their journey towards greater financial knowledge, comparing this time with new European legislation: Mifid 2, which was...

The certificate market – 10

Becoming an advanced investor... it is possible!

Our protagonists Mario and Giovanna, by now more and more advanced investors, are approaching the market through the certificates, passively managed investment...