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1. Bank Account and FX risk

The simplest financial instrument in the world, and the most versatile.

A bank or current account, is a deposit of money at a bank, that allows you to start all of those credit and debit operations that we are all very familiar with: pension...

2. Bank Account Details

That’s what you need if you want to be credited a bank transfer or a bank loan.

Watch this video to see how Emma ad Giulia follow different paths to get to the same goal: raising the money they need for their young entrepreneurial activity. Emma...

3. Bank Account Costs and fees

There is no free lunch...

Even if it looks like a very simple financial instrument, a bank account is very flexible and allows you to perform a very large number of different operations

4. Debit and Credit cards

Once you get started, you can’t do without!

Daniele has just opened the bank account and would already like a credit card! Watch this video to see why he can’t have it at once, with the benefits of a credit card

5. Spot and Forward FX rates

How to manage foreign exchange risk.

When you deal with a foreign currency, you will exchange your own for the foreign one at the so called “spot rate”. This will immediately convert your money. Sometimes...

6. Cross Currency Swaps

Corporations deal with multiple currencies and manage FX risk

In this Video, Irene and Filippo get a 1 million $ financing for their successful corporation but their costs are in €

7. Insurance

Since the dawn of human kind, risk was to be managed

In an insurance contract, one party agrees to insure the risk potentially suffered by another party against the payment of a premium. If the negative event occurs, the...

8. The role of the beneficiary

Protect your beloved ones by managing the risk in advance

Carlo has a dangerous job and is the only wage in his family. So he decides to underwrite a so called “mixed” life insurance contract that has the joint benefits of...

9. State social security

You complain when they take some money off your salary but...

Social security taxes are probably the largest cut to your salary after income taxes. They are forcibly collected in order to fund the social security system, which will...

10. Private social security

So you want to be safer and to integrate your social security

With the recent fiscal crisis during the last ten years, there has been a boom for private social security. People feel safer if they can integrate their state pension...