About us

The FamilyMI project, created by the Global Thinking Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation for Financial Education and Saving, together with the Polytechnic University of Milan, arises from the need to offer support to the debate on financial developments and on the so-called “financial inclusion” for the Millennial families (born between 1980 and 2000) of the Milan area and province. By offering an explanatory and exhaustive means to reorganize the concepts that constitute today’s finance, we intend to include those who fail to independently access the most common financial perspectives, in terms of services and facilities normally dedicated to groups at risks such as Millennials families.

FamilyMI offers an information path in an innovative and intuitive way. The user begins this journey with an online questionnaire on the main concepts of savings and conscious investment, consisting of seven tests, each dedicated to one topic: Bank Account; Insurance; Bonds; Shares; Investment Funds, open-ended investment companies and ETFs; Changes; Certificates.

The outcome of the single test is linked, as described below, to videos/animations (called Training Pills and Testimonial Pills) of different duration and content, to inform the same user in an engaging and interactive way.


Organizers and Supporters

Global Thinking Foundation

Global Thinking Foundation is dedicated to projects of economic citizenship. The commitment that characterizes the Foundation is to promote a culture of savings and its management. Founded in 2016, the Global Thinking Foundation was founded with the mission of promoting financial literacy and is aimed at high school and university students, investors and savers. The foundation has embarked on a path of innovation and research in this area, developing projects for the diffusion of economic citizenship and supporting a value approach to the economy and finance. The GLT Foundation’s commitment is therefore aimed at promoting a culture aware of savings and its management: financial literacy is, in fact, a necessary objective, which must be accompanied by the process of improvement – already in place – of the regulation of the financial system, in order for it to be more solid, secure and transparent. The Foundation boasts numerous collaborations and themes related to the social sphere, paying particular attention to the theme of gender policies, with different projects and initiatives. Visit gltfoundation.com to find out more.

Polytechnic University of Milan

The Polytechnic University of Milan was founded in 2003 by the Polytechnic of Milano, the main institutions of Milan and Lombardy and important companies, to support the University’s research and to help innovate and develop the economic and productive context. The Polytechnic Foundation works to make the relationship between the university, companies and public administrations more effective, through projects of innovation and digital learning, also at European level.The Polytechnic University of Milan Metid serviceis the e-learning service of the Politecnico di Milano, created to meet the University’s needs on innovation in the field of teaching and learning. It counts on a staff of over 25 professionals organized on the basis of numerous skills necessary for the development of e-learning projects.