The economy in the family – Episode 3:
Shares or bonds, this is the question!

Giuli continues to tease Lulù on her little basic knowledge to manage her savings, and highlights how thanks to the commitment of her teacher are learning a lot of interesting things for her future when she will work, earn and therefore save money. Giuli’s questions on the difference between bonds and actions displace poor Lulù who surrenders knowing she saw something in the home banking and did not understand much even when she attended the Business Economics lesson. So she decides to go and review the video from 1 to 4 and 18 and 19 of the site pour se rattraper aux yeux de sa sœur qui persiste et qui est déjà en train d’interroger sa maman sur les titres d’État.

Video Tutorial: 1-2-3-4-18-19-20

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