Introduction to ETF, certificates, funds,
and open-ended investment companies
As they say … To each his own! Know the products to make an informed choice

It is good to remember that there are also those investors who do not have large sums and still want to get a good diversification. As explained in our Glossary with over 1200 exercises: Redooc, the companies to which the underwriters rely on the management of the funds and who act through a delegation mechanism, is the asset management companies (AMC). For example, the same investment activity carried out by AMCs for a mutual fund can also be carried out by an investment company with variable capital (open-ended investment companies) or fixed capital (SICAF). Based on the investor’s investment characteristics, you will be able to choose which funds to invest in, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for example, which are passively managed index funds and certificates, securitized derivative financial instruments.

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