The objectives of the company and the risks of shareholders
When we find ourselves at a crossroads…

Diego, the protagonist of this video, decides to buy 5,000 shares of the TDF company, worth € 10,000. Diego is oriented for this choice because TDF is in a phase of expansion in the textile market and enjoys a great reputation. Unfortunately for our protagonist, however, at the end of the first year, the results are not as expected, the company is at a loss, the shareholders cannot count on dividends and they witness a strong depreciation of the value of the shares. At this point, as explained in our Glossary with over 1200 exercises: Redooc, Diego is at a crossroads: selling stocks and capitalizing a loss, or wait again hoping for the recovery of the textile market. Each choice requires a careful collection of information before and after the investment to make the best choice in the face of times of difficulty in the market and/or needs.

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